• Image of HD Men's Wig powered by MoonFiber™ LABS (w/ PhysiReal™  Technology)
  • Image of HD Men's Wig powered by MoonFiber™ LABS (w/ PhysiReal™  Technology)

MoonFiber™ LABS produces the world's first men's wig of its kind with PhysiReal™ technology. Our ultra premium wigs are the 'Rolls Royce' of men's wigs made from 100% real 'virgin' top quality grade human hair and full HD lace with a custom hair pattern and construction. MoonFiber™ is the only company producing men's wigs at this caliber and level of detail as our production line is exclusive to MoonFiber™ LABS. We are proud to be the gold standard in men's wigs.


+ Tutorial HERE
on how to install your MoonFiber™ wig.

+ Wig style & color is as shown (slight variation may occur due to the atelier nature of each wig)

+ If you want a custom color you must add the "custom color" option at checkout & email us (1) photo of the color you want + your order # at hello@fangsandfables.com
with the subject heading "custom color"


+ MoonFiber™ wigs are cut & sew atelier men's wigs; a product of extensive R&D & implementation resulting in the best men's wig on the market.

+ We are the first men's wig on the market with PhysiReal™ Technology for ultra realism.

+ We only use 100% top quality real human hair; each hair is individually hand sewn onto the faux "scalp". It can take a donor up to a year or more to grow the hair used for our wigs. 

+ Each wig features custom original construction by MoonFiber™ LABS (accept NO imitations!)

+ Our custom HD men's wigs are exclusive to MoonFiber™ LABS & produced in extremely limited quantities which allows us to focus on giving you the most realistic men's wig on the market. 

+ MoonFiber™ wigs are engineered to meet the demanding needs of short men’s hairstyles. Due to the short length, every aspect of the wig is visible which requires a unique custom hair pattern exclusive to MoonFiber™. For comparison, women's wigs do not need to be as meticulous because the length of the hair can typically cover flaws on the side or on the back of the head; this is not the case with men's wigs as the short length exposes all angles of the wig. 

+ The reason why men's wigs of this caliber do not exist in the marketplace is because of difficulty of construction, demand and cost threshold.  Women's wigs are much more profitable & easier to make on a mass scale. The men's space is much different and MoonFiber™ is an innovator in this space; we are proud to bring you our wigs which are the FIRST product of its kind.

Check the image on this page for how to properly measure the circumference of your head.
Size small is approximately 21"
Size medium is approximately 22"
Size large is approximately 23"

International orders are subject to regular shipping costs

Each wig is custom made just for you and will require 7-8 weeks of production time. If you need your wig sooner than 7 weeks, you must add the "expedited processing" shipping option below (expedited processing is about 4 weeks) Please keep in mind these wigs are a powerful accessory & can instantly transform your look, but it is a "fantasy" they are indeed still wigs & will require care & understanding.


IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Once you place an order, we will begin working on your custom wig & it will enter into the production process. Each MoonFiber™ wig is a meticulous work of art; please respect the amount of time, energy & resource required for each wig. Due to the aforementioned, once an order is placed it CANNOT be cancelled. ALL ORDERS & SALES ARE FINAL There will be absolutely no refunds once an order is placed. Any questions please email our team at hello@fangsandfables.com with the subject "wig question".