Check back later this month for an in depth step by step video tutorial. In the meantime, see below for detailed instructions on your new PhysiReal HD by MoonFiber wig

I. Preface:

PhysiReal HD wigs are made from real human hair which lends itself to an ultra realistic look. As such, it will require proper care, washing & styling for optimal effect. 

Your wig is ready to wear out of the box, but you may wish to make changes according to your own personal liking.

II. Cutting the lace

PhysiReal HD wigs are equipped with built in lace which will serve as your adhesion point. The lace can be modified and removed with scissors or a small eyebrow razor. Use caution when cutting the lace. 

Pro Tip: cutting the lace in a natural curved zig zag pattern across the front hairline & back of neck will look more natural than cutting straight across.

PhysiReal HD wigs are also equipped with a built in ear indicator tab on both sides of the wig. It is OK to cut along or across this indicator depending on the position of your ear. Slowly make a single cut vertically where your ear starts; this will be your "lace sideburn", next peel the remaining lace behind your ear and modify/cut until comfortable.

III. Securing the wig:

PhysiReal HD wigs may be secured using wig glue or hair spray. The wig adheres best to clean dry skin that is free of sweat, oil and hair. Before using adhesive: clean your skin thoroughly. If you are placing the lace over your sideburns you will need to shave any hair in the area for a secure fit. Repeat the same cleaning methodology for the skin on your neck. 

Apply a layer of hairspray or a thin layer of wig glue along your hairline, sideburns and back of your neck; these will be the contact points for the wig. Use a blowdryer on the cool setting until the adhesive is tacky, but not completely dry. 

Apply a second or third layer as necessary. You may use a wig cap to push your hair back or if you choose to do without a wig cap make sure all your hair is pushed back. Next place the wig over your head taking care not to get any stray hairs in the adhesive. 

Press down on the lace using a wooden stick or "rat's tail comb". Do not use your fingers if you want a clean seamless look.

Tie a headband around the points of contact around your head to reinforce the wig adhesion. Remove the headband after 15-20 minutes and style your hair as usual. 

 To remove the wig: soak a cotton ball or pad with alcohol or any adhesive remover, gently dab on the wig and remove. Clean the remaining adhesive off of both the wig and your skin with alcohol or wig glue adhesive remover. 

PhysiReal HD wigs should be treated just as real hair; it should not be washed daily. Only shampoo the wig when you feel necessary. 

After working the shampoo to a lather use a wide tooth comb to separate the hair to work out any tangling. 

After shampooing you must follow up with a conditioner and/or hair oil. Be sure to do this as the hair is not attached to a live scalp and doesn't moisturize on its own. 

With proper care your PhysiReal HD wig is sure to bring you many transformative moments!